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Golden Wax

Coco Soy Wax 454 (Container)

Coco Soy Wax 454 (Container)

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  • Golden Brands 454 Soy Wax is a blend of natural coconut and soy, making it ideal for container candles. This wax is single pour, palm-free and adheres to glass beautifully with minimal frosting.
  • Form: Flake
  • Pour Temperature: 125°-145°
  • Melt Point: 115°-120°
  • Maximum Fragrance Load: 7%-9%
  • USA FDA Approval

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Selecting the Right Supplies for Beginner Candle Makers:

Get started on your candle-making journey with our Essential Starter Kit designed for beginners. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to create beautiful candles right at home. From high-quality soy wax to fragrant oils and wicks, you'll have all the essentials to kickstart your candle-making adventure.

- 10 lbs of premium soy wax
- 3 different fragrance oils, each 4 oz
- 24 pieces of 10-8 oz vessels (assorted designs)
- 24 HPC C#20 or #14 wicks (based on jar top dimensions)
- Detailed instructions included in each box for easy setup and usage

Start crafting your own unique candles today!


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